A short history

I first learned to play 6 string electric guitar when I was 5 years old. Yikes! That was 60 years ago! I have since, over the past bunch of decades, learned to play pretty much every instrument there is. Drums, keyboard, bass guitar, etc. Have gotton in to all the phases of music making and production over the years.


It was in Wendover, Utah back in the 1950s n 1960s! I got my first guitar lessons from a man named Steve, that was in a local R&R band back in the 1960s called "The Rideaways".

Other stuffs

Where it began?

Wendover, Utah

When it began?

1950s n 1960s

Where it's at now?

Now retired and living in and on the Nevada side of Wendover. I'm getting up there in my years, but still love making and playing music.